IRS slowly catching up tax with tax law changes

As I previously stated the IRS had announced delays in filing individual & business tax returns at the start of the 2012 tax filing season.  This was caused by Congress not Passing the American Taxpayer Relief Act until January 2, 2013.  The IRS needed time to fix their computer systems to accept various forms that comply with changes enacted by this Act.

As of January 23rd, the IRS announce that it would begin accepting 2012 “qualified”  individual tax returns that did not include various forms not yet available.  They still had not announced a date they would begin accepting business returns.

Today, February 10th, the IRS stated it would begin accepting individual tax returns that contain form 4563 (depreciation & amortization) and on Thursday, February 14th they would begin accepting individual returns that contain form 8863 (Education Credits).  There still is a long list of forms that are not yet available  & they still will not accept returns containing any of these forms.  They will continue to make announcements as forms become available.

As of today, February 10th, the IRS has yet to announce a date it will begin accepting business tax returns.  Previously they have said the delay for business returns will be late February or early March.

As you can imagine, this is causing havoc for tax return preparers during this tax filing season.

I will continue to update as information comes available.